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Adobe updates Photoshop Touch, adds Retina display support for the new iPad and more

When Photoshop Touch came out, it had a few limitations: it used to manage photos in a too low resolution for a “serious” use, didn’t know how to take photos from the Photo Stream, and worst of all it didn’t support the Retina display, until today. In fact, Photoshop Touch reached the 1.3 version which fixes all the mentioned complaints, and now can handle images up to 12 megapixels (that’s 4000×3000!), more than an HD TV.

Here you can see the official change log from the Photoshop’s Blog:

  • Two new Effects: Shred and Colorize;
  • Smoother animation and scrolling in the organizer, tutorial browser, and file picker;
  • New three finger tap gesture to toggle 100% view and fit screen;
  • New pixel nudging mode for precise movements;
  • Support for Apple Photo Stream;
  • Various bug fixes.

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How to embed a tweet in a web page in three steps

Twitter is a very popular microblogging social network. But do you know that you can embed a tweet in a common web page in just three easy steps? So, let’s start with the first one. If you want you can use

1. Find the tweet

First thing you have to is to click on the intended tweet. Then click on “Details”. If you want, you can use this one to practise.

2. Get the code

Next, click on the “Embed this tweet” right down the mentioned tweet. It’ll appear a box, with three option for the code. If you want to use it on, I suggest the Shortcode, because if you use the HTML one, you will get only a quoted text.

3. Paste the code

Once you copied the code, you can paste it anywhere. It will appear something like this:

Too easy? 😉

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AntiSec leaks over than a 1m Apple devices’ UDIDs: FBI denies

AntiSec yesterday leaked over tha a 1.000.000 Apple devices’ UDIDs, which (as they said) were stole from a FBI computer.

Now on the FBI’s Official  Twitter account appeared a tweet which totally denies that FBI didn’t recorded any UDID and the AntiSec leak is false . Plus, for the FBI, they did a federal crime.

Just a few minutes later, the Anonymous Twitter profile replied.

Here comes a question? How (if possible) the FBI could “stole” UDIDs? So here’s another tweet which comes as an answer after the previous reply:

Who do you think is right? If you want to know more about this, just head over this post.



Why Apple is calling iPhone 5 the sixth-gen iPhone | [Personal Opinion]

On March Apple called the third-gen iPad only the “New iPad”, and removing the number after its name. Only the iPhone and the iPad had a number for each model, like iPad 2, iPhone 4 and so on, but why Apple is calling the next-gen iPhone the iPhone 5? Let’s start by saying that the iPhone 5 isn’t the fifth-gen, because:

  • 1st: iPhone 2G
  • 2nd: iPhone 3G
  • 3rd: iPhone 3GS
  • 4th: iPhone 4
  • 5th: iPhone 4S
  • 6th: iPhone 5

It doesn’t make sense. Now we should analyze why these model have a number after the “iPhone” word. For the first two, it’s related to the mobile broadband speed (2G, and 3G), while the 3GS uses the S to indicate the higher general speed of the device. For the next two the broadband speed doesn’t count, because the “4” number only indicates the model, same thing for the “-S” letter.

Now, why iPhone 5? Well, the first thing we think when we read the iPhone name on its box, is the generation. For me, it’s wrong. It doesn’t actually means the generation, but only the “steps” of the product about the external shape, not the hardware speed or the OS version. As an example, think about the iPhone 4 and the 4S, externally these are the same (except for the CDMA band on the side, but it doesn’t count), but not internally, because the 4S it’s faster and more powerful. The second and the third generation though are different speaking of hardware because the 3G sign is intended for the 3G capabilities, but the overall shape is the same. I almost forgot, there’s also the first generation. Well, because it’s the first one, we can’t actually say anything on the name, because there weren’t any iPhones before (maybe in China…) and we can’t have any comparison.

By following this idea, the sixth generation should be totally redesigned externally. What do you think?

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Nokia launches Nokia Music, a free service for music streaming

Here’s a good news for Lumia 710 and 900 owners, because Nokia launched just yesterday a service for these cellphones, called Nokia Music. Best of all it’s totally free and without any ads.

You can enjoy over than 150 curated playlists available, or if you want choose between millions of songs and make them on your own. Also, you can download these on your device and enjoy them offline without the need of an Internet connection.

Nokia Music features “GIG FINDER”, which locates your current position and pinpoints on the map concert and show in their local area.

To use it you just need to download the Nokia Music App from the Marketplace and start using it without the need of a registration.

Though there is a pretty bad news: it’s available only for USA customers, so users from other continents won’t be able to use it, for now.

Source | Nokia

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