Windows 8 Pro OEM will let you downgrade to Vista or 7

If you already hate Windows 8 after trying the preview, here’s a good news for you. Windows 8 OEM will let you downgrade as back as Vista your PC if Windows 8 Pro is installed even if you don’t want it, thanks to the licensing agreement. This means that when you buy your brand-new computer, you can install Windows Vista or even 7 (who wants Vista?) under the same OEM license, but not the still-used-from-a-lot-of-users Windows XP.

This technically will give you a choice, between start using the new OS when it’s coming out (october 26th) or choose an older version, maybe if you don’t feel so good for a fresh start. This includes:

  • Windows 7 Professional;
  • Windows Vista Business;

You can choose between these two versions and upgrade at no additional cost later. You must to pay for the upgrade only if you bought your PC before the 06/02/2012 (mm/dd/yyyy)

This will remove the Metro (duh, I shouldn’t use that word, but I’m not a developer) interface and restore the old Start menu on the bar for a more common user interface.

Personally, I would prefer to keep Windows 8 installed now, than using an older version for still a long time.

Source | PCWorld

Italian version

Se Windows 8 non ti piace già adesso, ho una buona notizia per te. Infatti Windows 8 OEM ti permetterà di scegliere tra Windows 7 Professional o Windows Vista Business al momento in cui acquisti un nuovo PC dopo la data di rilascio ufficiale di Windows 8 (26 ottobre), per poi fare l’upgrade senza costi aggiuntivi in un secondo momento. Dovrai pagare l’aggiornamento solamente nel caso in cui il tuo PC sia stato comprato precedentemente al 2 giugno 2012.

Personalmente, preferirei tenere preinstallato Windows 8, che continuare ad usare una versione precedente dell’OS ancora per molto tempo.

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