How to use a Safari bookmark as a dock application

All of us have bookmarks on our browser. Some of them are used really often, but in order to access them, you have to open your browser. Wouldn’t be just perfect if you can have it on your dock? It’s quite simple to do it, using an app called Automator.

1. Save the bookmark

The first thing you need is your bookmark as a file. To do so, just open Safari, hit Alt+Cmd+B and drag it wherever you want. I will use the bookmark for the tutorial.

2. Create the app with Automator

The next thing to do is to create the app that will execute this file. Open Automator from your Application folder and choose “Application” when prompted at the start. Now search for “Get specific Finder Items” in the Files and Folders section. When done, drag it to the right, and drop the saved bookmark on it.

Now search in the same section “Open Finder Items”, drag it to the right, and select “Open with: Default application”.

Now save your app and quit Automator. (Important! Don’t move or delete the bookmark file from its location, because the app will not work anymore!).

3. Add a cool icon

Right now, your app is ready to be used (just try it). Though it doesn’t have a really nice icon, but it’s not a problem, we can change it. First you need an image, a PNG with trasparency is highly recommended. Open it and make sure that it’s not rectangular, but square. Select it with Cmd+A and copy it with Cmd+C.

Now open the inspector of the application; select it, and hit Cmd+i.

You’ll se a small icon at the top left: select it and paste with Cmd+V. Now the icon is replaced and the app is ready to be used! 😀


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