Back to School, some apps to get stuff done

A little ToDo before reading: go to Twitter, and search for #backtoschool. You’ll find so many tweets sent from students in these weeks.

Now, talking from a student to all students: school isn’t so easy, but it’s fun in many cases. So I decided to choose from different apps, which ones you should get before starting the new year. So, let’s start off with the first one.

iStudiez Pro
Even before the others, you need something that organizes your schedule. Here you can plan your classes, track assignments and even manage your personal caendar and see events in a simple daily or week view. Not to mention a useful feature, which calculates your overral GPA based on poins, letters and %, to always know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, the price of the Mac app, seems a bit too high.


After you planned everything you need, it’s time to think about taking class notes. A nice App would be CourseNotes, that lets you organize all your class notes between classes, and for each one to manage an assignment. Plus there is a companion app for the iPad to take what you need on the go. Anyway, a free (and not so bad) alternative might be the Notes app in every Mac or iPad or Evernote.

IA Writer

An alternative to CourseNotes may be IA Writer. It focuses only on writing without nothing else on the screen except words. Then you can save your files on the cloud for an immediate use. Recommended when yo need to organize the class notes.

iTunes U

The iTunes Store doesn’t offer only music, videos and apps. There’s a section called iTunes U which is totally free. It provides a plethoria of courses made for students and not. Courses are all free for everyone: plus, many of them provides a complete learning process with weekly and daily assignments that you can follow easily and mark them as done. There’s also a free app for iPhone and iPad.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper come as a free app with only an optional add-on that allows you to create as many notebooks as you want (when you download it, you can have only 1 of them). Very useful if you need to take notes or do quick sketches by drawing.

Google Translate

Don’t know a word or an entire sentence? Don’t worry, the Google Translat App will help you. Obviously, and Internet connection is required :).

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