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Yelp vs Foursquare: is there a clear winner?

Some time ago I’ve written a short tutorial about how to use foursquare for the ones who didn’t know exactly what it was (though, they signed up 🙂 ). Now, I’m going to do a really quick review about Yelp, similar to foursquare, but not so close than you think. So let’s get right into it.

First and foremost, they’re totally different, except about check-ins and reviews about places. Foursquare is more oriented about challenging others, becoming mayor of a venue, earning badges and making your friends angry because they lost mayorships thanks to you. So this is one.
Now, let’s talk about Yelp: it also features check-ins and badges, but in a totally different way. In 4sq (abbreviation for Foursquare) you earn mayorships if you’re the one who checked-in more times in two months in a single place. Yelp is a bit more different: You can be a Regular if you often go to a place, then you level up to Duke (if you’re the Regular #1), equal to the mayor of foursquare. Then you can be a Baron of a neighborhood if you have many Dukes in there and then the King or Queen of a city. But 4sq has points, which are earned from check-ins, and this is a point for it.
So, we are 1-1.
Now let’s talk about badges. You earn badges if you do something particular, like doing your first check-in and so on. On foursquare, there are a ton of them, and divided in three main sections:
  • Foursquare badges: These are the most simple to earn. An example is the Rookie badge (1st check-in) or the Super Mayor (10 mayorships at once).
  • Expertise badges: A bit more difficult. These have different levels, so once you get one, see what you’ve got to do to earn the next level.
  • Partner badges: Partner badges are the ones you earn from following pages like CNN, Wired and other ones.
Speaking about Yelp, it has some badges that you can earn, and some of them actually can fade away. Though, Foursquare is better in this, so it’s 1-2!
Now the last one: reviews, votes and places.
Yelp is more focused on giving reviews on activities, give a vote (from 1 to 5 stars) and also an average cost.
Foursquare lacks on this, because you can only write short reviews and give it a “like”, nothing else. Also votes doesn’t exists in 4sq, though venues with more affluence, are marked in the website. But this doesn’t count, and we are 3-2 for Yelp!
Now we might stop here, but there one more thing! (Remember something?). Both Yelp and 4sq have different account levels. The first one has the Elite squad, which represent the most active users in Yelp. This status is earned by a number of factor, and the ones who are in have special “Elite” badge. Foursquare is a bit more complicate. There are “basic” users, and Superusers. They’re divided into three levels. As you level up, you can edit more largely the foursquare database.
So in total we are 3-3 for both… and this means a draw!
As you can see, they’re not the same thing, but here’s my opinion: If you want to challenge you’re friends better go with foursquare. If you want something which is more detailed and have more informations about places and reviews, choose Yelp.
So, how does it sounds?
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