Dropr, an online Portfolio for creative people

In a few words, Dropr is a online Portfolio where you can publish any kind of work, from text to photo, from videos to HTML5 animation. But it doesn’t stop here. In fact, Dropr has some great feautures that makes it really unique. Moreover, it just got out from beta and open for everyone. Se here’s how it looks:

Really simple, and also really relaxing to see. Now we’re in the dashboard. The dashboard is where you can see projects from others and receive private messages. Now look at the cup in the photo it’s the “Cup of Inspirations”; it features up to 6 projects that you may like and gets updated every two hours.

Now let’s have a look at the Pages.

Dropr lets you to organize your work in a nested way. First off, You must have a Page to keep them.  Then, click on it.

If you didn’t do this already, you will be prompted to create a section to store your projects. To be clear: A page can have different sections, sections can have different projects and projects have multiple “files”. Sounds a bit confusing? Maybe. Here’s me while uploading.

What do I think of Dropr? Well, to be honest, I like it. Why? It’s really simple to use and nice-looking. Plus, you can invite others to collaborate in the same Page, just like a team.

Dropr is free until the end of this summer, so if you want to get creative, stop reading and upload something great!

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