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A big update is coming!

So, I have a really great news about the blog. Since yesterday, I wrote all my posts in italian, but this helped me to get only an italian audience. After looking a bit blog stats, I thought that an english version of the blog reaches a worldwide audience. So starting today, All the posts will be written only in english plus a translate in italian at the end of the post. And, if you want to comment in italian you can do it, I will translate it for you 🙂

And now, thank you all for this fantastic first year!

In italian

Allora, ho una grande notizia riguardo al blog. Fino a ieri, ho scritto tutti i miei post in italiano, ma questo mi permetteva di raggiungere un pubblico solo italiano. Dopo aver guardato un po’ alle statistiche del blog, ho pensato che una versione in inglese del blog avrebbe raggiunto un pubblico mondiale. Quindi, a partire da oggi, tutti i post saranno scritti in inglese, più una traduzione in italiano dell’articolo. E, se volete commentare in italiano potete farlo tranquillamente, tradurrò io per voi senza che nessuno lo sappia 🙂

Ma ora, grazie a tutti per questo fantastico primo anno del blog!

Compartments: a home inventory for the Mac

Being oganized is a thing, but what about to have an app where you can keep almost everything just on your Mac? So here’s Compartments, a great Mac application to keep track of anything you have.

Like above, the Compartments has a clean and friendly interface for the user.

Items can be organized in Locations, such as Garden, Rooms, Office and so on. Another system are Smart Collections, which organizes records based on their names, tags and categories.

Moreover, Compartments feautures WarrantyGuard, which controls item’s warranties. If you want, you can also generate reports with items photos and charachteristics (value, serial number, notes ecc.). There are three types of reports: based on collections, based on locations or all the items in the inventory.

What about sync?

Compartments stores data on your user library by default. If you want to use it on different computers, (without copying manually every time you update something) you can change the database folder by selecting (for example) your Dropbox folder in the Preferences menu. Then all you have to do is simply do this again on your Macs.

Vote: 8/10

Pro: UI simple and elegant. Feautures like WarrantyGuard and Quick Add are just great.

Cons: There aren’t nested locations for the items and Smart Collections sometimes are difficult to use.

Price: 11,99€ on the Mac App Store.

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