Windows 10 will come out in 7 different flavors, and they’re five too many

Myerson Terry Windows 10

One of the things that has ever distinguished Mac OS X and Windows are the number of versions available to the user. OS X has one that’s released and updated every year. Make that two if you want to count OS X Server, which is essentially OS X with an app made to handle other devices or computers at once.

However Microsoft just won’t make that happen. Windows 7 differentiated between Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Windows 8 between normal and Pro and Windows 10 in… seven, more than the common user can even get to differentiate: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 IoT Core. Read More…

iOS SSL security flaw forces devices in an endless reboot loop: had the iPad replaced for that.

Recently researches of Skycure have discovered an SSL security flaw in iOS systems which allows an external attacker to force your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in an endless reboot process, thereby making them useless.

The exploit uses a malevolent SSL certificate that makes the operative system crash every time it attempts to use a secure connection under Wi-Fi connectivity. Because of that, even if you had known what was causing the problem, you would never had the time to shut down your Internet connection on the device.

The flaw, named “No iOS Zone” first appeared on a video which showed an iPhone 5S stuck in reboot mode.

Read More…

Google patents an anti-spoiler tool for TV series, films and books

Google HQDid it ever happen to you, while searching the web, to have the plot or ending of a book you’re reading (or TV series) revealed? To me it happened two weeks ago before finishing the book Allegiant and had the protagonist’s faith revealed. I was expecting it anyway since the beginning of it, but it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen every now and then, especially on YouTube comments which are mined of spoilers. Read More…

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends worse than iPhone 6 does.

For some holding the iPhone 6 in their pockets was risky, and caused bending on the upper side of the phone. Every phone gets bent under certain pressures of course, but the new generation of iPhones was more fragile than their predecessors. Now it looks like the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge suffers the same problem, even if of a greater magnitude as it’s “more likely to crack under pressure”.

In a video made by SquareTrade, They’ve made a comparison showing the breaking points of three devices. The iPhone 6 first bent at 110 pounds (49,9 kilograms) with no cracks whatsoever on the glass and catastrophic failure at 179 pounds (81,19 kilograms) where it was no longer usable. Read More…

April Fools day is approaching, even for Google Maps and Pac Man

Schermata 2015-03-31 alle 18.49.17Someone at Google has to like Pac-Man a lot. April Fools day is coming, you better have something ready to pull out of the hat tomorrow. How about sticking a piece of paper right on the mouse’s laser of a friend of yours, or faking a 10€ note below the computer’s keyboard? Google decided to come up with Pac-Man this time with Google Maps. That’s right, you can enjoy playing Google Maps on your city’s streets by clicking on the iconic, fruit-eating yellow semicircle on the Maps view.

There’s really nothing else we should add on how Pac Man works, just make sure to pick a map without very wide streets, or you may have a hard time at cornering…

In Italiano

Qualcuno a Google deve amare molto Pac Man. Il giorno dei Pesci di Aprile si avvicina, e forse è il caso di tenere pronto qualcosa da tirare fuori dal cappello domani. Magari attaccare un pezzo di carta sotto il laser del mouse di un tuo amico, o fingere una banconota da 10€ sotto la tastiera del computer. Google ha optato per una versione di Pac Man completamente giocabile su Maps, semplicemente cliccando sull’iconico semicerchio giallo mangia-frutta nella modalità di visualizzazione della mappa.

Non credo ci sia nulla da aggiungere su come funzioni Pac Man, assicuratevi soltanto di scegliere una mappa priva di strade troppo ampie per evitare intoppi a girare…


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