iPad Pro allegedly confirmed coming out soon with 12,9″ Retina display and Stylus

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

Here it comes the first tangible proof that an iPad Pro may be real. The new iPad was first discovered by an analysis company, then more recently confirmed by Appsee, specialized in app tracking, that sighted down a model identified as iPad6,8 which does not correspond to any iPad released as of now.

Data shows a screen resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels; if we suppose that the new iPad will have the same pixels per inch (ppi) density of 263, like the other Retina iPads, the screen diagonal would turn out to be 12,9″, wider even than the newly released ultra-thin MacBook. Furthermore in iOS 9 betas the iPad6,8 identifier has already been spotted, along with an extended software keyboard that is unlikely to match the dimensions of any current iPad, as well as repeated rumors of an upcoming, never seen before iPad.

To cope with the notably wider display (as a reminder the iPad Air has a 9,7″ diagonal) Apple is likely to ship it with a Stylus and Force Touch technology, first introduced within the MacBook’s trackpad, to detect different pressures as you tap on the screen. However, it should be noted that it would be approximately as wide as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. The latter though runs a full sized desktop OS instead of an optimized mobile version, we’ll see how this iPad Pro will sort things out.

In italiano

Ecco che abbiamo la prima prova tangibile dell’esistenza di un iPad Pro. Il nuovo iPad è stato scoperto dapprima da un’azienda di analisi e poi confermato più recentemente da Appsee, specializzata in app tracking, che ha notato un modello identificato come iPad6,8, non corrispondente a nessun iPad prodotto fino ad oggi.

I dati mostrano una risoluzione di 2732 x 2080 pixel; se supponiamo che il nuovo iPad avrà la stessa densità di pixel (ppi) di 263, come gli altri iPad con schermo retina, la diagonale risulterebbe di ben 12,9 pollici, più grande addirittura del nuovo MacBook ultra-sottile. In aggiunta l’esistenza nelle beta di iOS 9 dell’identificativo iPad6,8 è già stata resa nota, assieme ad una tastiera software estesa la cui grandezza non è conforme con quella di nessun iPad esistente, coincidenti con i ripetuti rumor dell’arrivo di un nuovo modello di iPad.

Per far fronte allo schermo molto più grande (l’iPad Air ha una diagonale di 9,7″) è probabile che Apple lo doti di uno Stylus proprio e tecnologia Force Touch, introdotto per la prima volta nel trackpad del MacBook, in grado di rilevare differenti tipi di pressioni applicate sullo schermo. Va infine posto l’accento sulla somiglianza che si creerebbe con il Surface Pro 3 di Microsoft, nonostante quest’ultimo faccia girare un sistema operativo desktop invece di una versione mobile ottimizzata: vedremo come l’iPad Pro gestirà la situazione.

Apple’s about to release the first Betas of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9

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Just like Apple did with Yosemite last year, they’re rolling out the first public beta for OS X El Capitan that developers have been testing since last June’s WWDC 2015. As usual in these cases it’s strongly recommended that you backup your important files (or even better carbon copy them using Time Machine) before proceeding, just in case something goes wrong. Odds are that you’re going to be fine, but you can never be sure enough. The Beta for OS X El Capitan can be downloaded from here by signing up for the beta program with your Apple ID and following the on screen steps. Read More…

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC: which one edges out for gaming?

Out there, there are three contenders right now in the gaming industry: Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and high-end PC. But which one, granted that you do not have a bias towards one, is better for gaming?

Understanding PS4 and One’s specifications

As pointed out by PS4 and Xbox One teardowns, the two are very close in hardware, with the PS4 having a slight advantage as a pure gaming console, whilst the One is more oriented for general home entertainment. Both consoles have an AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU, with the only difference being the One’s clocked at 1.75Ghz opposed to PS4’s being clocked at 1.6Ghz.

Both GPUs are branded AMD as well, even though PS4 has a clear advantage here with 18 compute units (1152 shaders) opposed to 12 compute units (768 shaders) on the Xbox One. Memory clock’s slightly better for the One at 853 MHz compared to PS4’s 800 MHz. On paper though, the PS4 is up to 50% more powerful in this compartment.

Both also come with 8GB of RAM, more than enough to run games. PS4 however runs 5000 MHz GDDR5 memory, while One uses 2133 MHz DDR3. This yields a way superior memory bandwidth for the PS4 at 176GB/s, while the One sits at just 68,3 GB/s. Read More…

Windows 10 will be gradually rolling out on July 29th

Myerson Terry Windows 10

Windows 10 is scheduled to become available worldwide on July 29th, however as Terry Myerson – Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems – pointed out in the Official Windows Blog, it will be rolled out gradually to satisfy the one billion request of upgrades since kicking off reservations in early June. In order to avoid excessive demands and causing slowdowns, on 29th will be shipped the first copies of Windows 10, giving a higher priority to those who are currently running the Preview and helped the shape the new OS.

Additionally, Microsoft has specified that automatic updates will be prevented on computers that seem to have several driver and/or program incompatibility issues, unlocking the free upgrade once these issues would have been resolved.

At last, we remind you that Windows 10 will be a free update to those who are currently running a genuine copy of Windows 7 or newer.

In Italiano

Windows 10 sarà disponibile a partire dal 29 Luglio, anche se Terry Myerson – VP Esecutivo di Microsoft per i Sistemi Operativi – ha specificato nel Blog Ufficiale di Windows che sarà un rilascio graduale per soddisfare il miliardo di richieste ricevute da quando hanno aperto le prenotazioni a inizio Giugno. Per evitare un eccessivo carico di richieste e causare disagi, il 29 di questo mese saranno disponibili al download le prime copie di Windows 10 a partire dagli utenti in possesso della Preview che hanno contribuito a dar forma al nuovo OS.

In aggiunta, Microsoft ha specificato che gli aggiornamenti automatici saranno bloccati sui computer che hanno riscontrato gravi problemi d’incompatibilità di driver e/o programmi, permettendo l’upgrade gratuito quando saranno stati risolti.

In chiusura, vi ricordiamo che Windows 10 sarà un aggiornamento gratuito per tutti coloro in possesso di una copia autentica di Windows 7 o superiore.

iOS 9 will allow users to temporarily delete apps to make room for updates

iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

One of the major setbacks of devices with 16 or even 8GB of storage is making room for Over-The-Air (OTA) updates that happen directly on the device, which can go from a few hundred megabytes up to actual gigabytes. When storage is running low you ought to delete something, but a new feature that appeared in iOS 9 beta 1 apparently solves this problem. If the device detects that there’s not enough room to start the update you are going to be prompted to allow a temporary “App Deletion”. When the update process will have finished, every app that has been deleted will automatically get downloaded again and installed seamlessly. Read More…


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